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Casey Fields
How's thing going down there? Might drive down through Cranbourne a couple of weeks, see how the building works are going at Casey Fields, and how my shelter shed on the outer wing is taking shape as well. Can Caseyscorp update us on proceedings in terms of the redevelopment? And perhaps on the redevelopment at Frankston. Have the Saints 100% ditched Frankston Park for some park named after Bert Newton's sidekick on GMA?
Sorry CS, I see you boosted the Frankston topic, so just make this a Casey one!
No work yet at Casey Fields. There's 2 projects - the MFC related project extending the pavilion and the works on the outer side of the ground. There is no final agreement yet in relation to the MFC project so no works have commenced. Unlikely to be before Christmas now I'd guess. The works on the other side are now being scoped, given that the funding available has been finalised in the last couple of weeks (a decision was made by the State Government to allow transfer of $350,000 from the outer to the pavilion extension). I can't provide any update on St KFC, other than to make the observation that Frankston Park appears to be an absolute lost cause, Belvedere Park is a nonsense and hopefully St KFC realises (now that Casey Fields is lost as an option) that they'd better get back and talk to Kingston Council pronto.

From the practice game on the weekend it looks like the outerside is underway, not sure how long it will take, the section they are working on i understand is from lightpost to lightpost which takes up pretty much flank to flank. Hopefully it will give more atmosphere and look A LOT better on TV!


Scheduled to be finished by the end of May.


Thanks Casey Scorp, do you know what exactly the works will entail?


also any idea on the Melbourne arrangement? are they/city of Casey any closer to an agreement?


The works comprise:

* terracing between the scoreboard and the light towers on either side, with cover over most of it
* toilets
* canteen
* scoreboard on the grandstand side (so those in the outer can see the score).

Re the MFC/Casey Council agreement, an article in the local paper in mid-March said the Council would soon decide on the matter.


Well, footyman ventured down to Casey Fields today. And what a disappointment it was. The standard of Bendigo didn't help, but the atmosphere was flat. About as flat as a funeral. If it wasn't for "Rent a Crowd" (ie. all the freebies handed out to Auskick kids and their parents) there'd have been about 400 people there. Then again, the grandstand was full so the venue probably couldnt cope with many more than that anyway. The hills were muddy, and the grass damp. Clearly no draining out there. Melbourne's water supplies will be down to 20% once everyone washes their pants, socks and shoes that were covered in Casey Fields mud.

The food is overpriced. $2.60 for a can of soft drink, $4.20 for a hot dog with cheese...gotta squeeze that extra 10 or 20 cents out of the fans don't you?

Also the car park is crap (please build a pedestrian bridge over the valley/garden from the tennis court car park area). Preferable pave the thing rather than have all those stones on it too.

Oh, and the terracing on the outer, nice idea but where have the two metal grandstands gone? They've actually taken away public seating!!!!! Those things should come back, I couldn't find a seat out there today.

I was contemplating going up to the social club, but given the number of people standing on the balcony I feared I could end up tipped over the edge.

Rome wasn't built in a day I know, but Casey Fields was a dump when it was opened and it's still a dump today. caseyscorp and his fellow councilmen might be proud of it, but it's a D grade facility stuck in a D grade area. There's more chance of AFL footy being played on the moon than there is of it going to Casey Fields.


You forgot to mention how great the playing field was or do you always look for the negatives of everything .


The playing field is not too bad...yeah ok that gets a tick.

Something about the place has to be good I guess.