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Geelong 12/10 in finals from 2007
The a similar rule that applies to other clubs with a mix of AFL and VFL listed players will apply to Geelong in 2007. The club will be forced to play 12/10, with AFL Rookies counted amongst the VFL 10 player contigent. Thoughts?
Much better, if we can work on them getting a ressies for the VFL as well, it would make life so much easier, i know they probably wouldn't want that however. Just wishful thinking, But the 12/10 is step in the right direction for the VFL
With all the whingeing about the AFL listed players for Geelong in the GF the Mighty Zebras were still too good :lol: :lol: :lol:
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:D Ain't that the truth ,billy, but I would like to see Geelong toe the line 12/10 good enough for Sandy and the rest so same for every vfl team. go zebs zebra :wink:
why were frankston made to have 2s,and geelong dont
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:D Of course Geelong should also have reserves in vfl ,Bendigo now has them as well as Frankston and with the size of Geelong area surely they can put a ressies side on also and would help even up the draw a bit. go zebs zebra :wink:
The arugement would be though that all the talented youngsters are being taken away from the Geelong league and weakening the competitions.
will be interesting to see how the cats cope with the 12/10 rule v the borough after ports great win against the bees,tigers what ever you want to call them????
We are the Ballan Holden Werribee Tigers. :lol:
3SER977FM (not verified)
Tino Ballan will be very happy with u Ben, just getting in a nice plug there, well done.
Tino is a great Werribee person and pours a lot of money into our football club, so he deserve the mention.