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Geelong chasings and signings?
I am curious. Have or has Geelong chased or signed any players onto it's list for the 2007 season?
Geelongs VFL side don't chase big name players.With the AFL listed players not playing seniors getting first crack in the VFL,it doesn't leave many spots available for regulars.James Byrne [captain] is the only VFL player certain of getting a game. Thomas Couch,son of Paul,has been invited to play in the VFL team.Paul Chambers [ex Geelong/Sydney] has also been mentioned as a possibility of returning.
When is the final VFL list named? I the Geelong FC website and it has 22 players listed, is that the full VFL list for season 2007? 22 Players, that's a good size considering how much Geelong struggled to field sides when they had all those injuries.
[b]Geelong VFL listed players[/b] Drew Barnes [Nathalia/Murray Bushrangers] Nick Butler [Port Adel/Coburg] Ryan Butler [Nathalia] James Byrne [South Freo/Glenelg/Adelaide] Jay Cheep [Coburg/Calder Cannons] Simon Clarke [St Bernards/Bendigo Bombers] Thomas Couch [Geelong Falcons] Matthew Firman [Essendon/Belconnen] Luke Forbes [St Josephs] Hayden Foss [St Josephs] Jack Hollmer [Lorne] Daniel Lovick [St Josephs/North Ballarat Rebels] Andrew McArthur [Geelong College/Newton] Jacob McGuane [Colac/Geelong Falcons] James McTaggart [Geelong Falcons/Ocean Grove] Shane Mumford [Bunyip] Phil Read [Melbourne/WCE] Joshua Rudd [Port Melb/North Ballarat] Scott Thompson [South Barwon] Chris Urie [Neerim/Neerim South] Jye Walker [Werribee/Geelong Falcons] Aaron Wilson [Boort] Nick Daniele Joryn Burke Robert Condy
Thanks, Art.