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Jarrod Young
What do you all think of him?
I think he is one of the bright lights of the VFL competition and what I love is his ability to run all day along with not being scared to give it back to his opponent, as Stephen Powell found out last year.
I loved the zinc cream look yesterday! As Benny said his ability to run all day is super, and does a super job when giving a close checking role. Probably has a few rough areas in his game, but a very handy VFL footballer.
Pardon my ignorance but who is he?
He's a gun midifielder for Werribee.
[quote="footyman"]I loved the zinc cream look yesterday![/quote] Haha he was the only player with it on wasnt he. Hes a gun, love watching him play. Check him out peoples, number 21 for werribee.
No, I think there were one or two other players as well as Youngy who had it on.
SOUNDS like a gun from what you guys have said ,just wondering why he isnt playing afl
Just because someone is a gun, you have to remember there are a considerable number of players each year that are not drafted or rookied. There are only so many spots on lists these days and unfortunately players get overlooked. Youngy did a pre-season with the Bulldogs.