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[quote="iceman"][quote:a4dfa21fd4="bcarbonaro"]We have got the Tigers Clubhouse pokies, bistro and function venue but I don't think the revenue from that is enough for us. Alternative revenue streams are what we need.[/quote] I didn't realise that you guys had pokies etc. how many EGM's do you have?? is the facility big enough to run things such as Bingo nights, Poker Nights etc? to get the local community involved and into a club asset, from there you can start to build some support. What other revenue can be gained, surely the club are always looking to maximise sponsorship, how can you build on this??[/quote] Not sure how many pokies we have, but I wouldn't be surprised if we had more than 25 as the gaming area at the Tigers Clubhouse is quite big if I remember correctly. Yeah, it does run Poker nights and the like although I myself have participated in any at the venue. In terms of revenue and extra sponsors, local business are some of our biggest contributing sponsors so I wouldn't be surprised if a few more are attracted to get on board. Being stand alone might count against us when looking for sponsorship though, because businesses are always interested in exposing themselves to AFL clubs.