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Kangaroos players aligned to Werribee
The full list of players allocated to Werribee was published in the new edition of [i]Inside Football[/i] that was released today. Leigh Adams Leigh Brown Ben Davies Michael Firrito Josh Gibson Todd Goldstein Shannon Grant Levi Greenwood Nathan Grima Lachlan Hansen Brent Harvey Daniel Harris Hamish McIntosh Scott McMahon Alan Obst Brady Rawlings Matt Riggio Ben Ross Jess Sinclair Nathan Thompson Scott Thompson Ben Warren James Wilsen The other half of the Kangaroos list is aligned with North Ballarat.
In my experience of whatching the Kangaroos stuffing up the Devils Adams, McMahon, Gibson and Firrito were the only ones who played for the team and did any good. The others IMO were selfish and shit house. But then again i am wearing rose cloured glasses
Hope for Werribee's sake the alignment goes better than it did with Tassie. I support what Thylacine has said - loved watching Gibson, McMahon, Adams and Firritto play - they had a crack - the rest did not seem to want to be there- which is hard when supporting a team that is representing Tasmania. Reckon Gibson is a great player who should be playing AFL - very brave and Adams has class
What were your thoughts on Goldstein, Taswegian?
Reckon he is very talented but needs some mongrel - probably needs a year or two (as all big fellas seem to) to learn about postioning etc but he is a good player and should be handy
I don't think he will get any AFL games this year. Another year in the VFL will be good for his development in my opinion, but then again it may work with him.
[quote="bcarbonaro"]I don't think he will get some AFL games this year. .[/quote] Any or some?
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:D I,m sure Werribee would be more than happy if they could get first pick of those dozen Kangaroos available to them each week from that group and have their own ten making a strong side this season. go zebs zebra :wink:
[quote="footyman"][quote:eec766051d="bcarbonaro"]I don't think he will get some AFL games this year. .[/quote] Any or some?[/quote] Any.