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[quote="burraburger"]Werribee should have stuck to there guns and went stand alone. They are in a location where they should be able to target many potential recruits, especially locally where junior clubs such as Hoppers crossing and Werribee Juniors swell with numbers every season. They also have a great link to players from TAC Cup teams western Jets and Geelong Falcons. What are Werribee like financially??? There going ok I believe. By standing alone it would give local players something to aspire to and know that there would be plenty of spots on the list.[/quote] I am sure that there are a lot of clubs that would prefer to go it alone but because of the uneven playing field the financial costs makes it impossible

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

[quote="jasonborough"]The best thing that werribee could do is give north melb the lemon and sarse it may take a couple of years to get back on your feet but at least werribee will be in control.[/quote] Yep,its North fault Werribee is struggling. Same as its North's fault for el nino,Petrol prices,Interest rate hikes & for not releasing the underbelly series to Victorian states. Yep - just blame North for everything,lets s**T can them at every chance we get.
[quote] You mean there is more than one Victoria? [/quote] Yer o'course, Vic Country and Vic Metro, don't you follow footy?
[quote="Dale61"][quote:a15b922eef="IMA_VFLMAN"]for not releasing the underbelly series to [b]Victorian states[/b].[/quote] You mean there is more than one Victoria?[/quote] Yep,i see your point :oops: Isnt Collingwood a seperate State in Victoria? :D