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A few Werribee Tigers on the telly...
Anyone after a bit of a laugh tune into City Homicide tonight on Ch 7 and you'll spot a few of the Werribee boys as extras in a fictional footy team. Let's just see how we go naming them, I think they might be mainly twos players. Not Werribee's first time doing something like this either, they definately had a similar role in Blue Heelers a few years ago. Hopefully they got a few bucks for their footy trip or something out of it.
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I have a list of those involved, as Kevin Hillier had them listed in an article in the local paper.


I saw it as well. Only picked out two of our boys though.
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The players are Jason Butty, Paul Kennelley, Nathan Jackal, James Saker, Todd Patterson, Matt Quigley and Brett Cunningham.


Brett Jacobs from Port Colts as well.