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[quote="onslaught"]Resurrecting an older thread, but can someone confirm whether the Coburg Grandstand repairs are now complete? The fire was back in 2004, and last time I watched a game at the Lions den earlier this season, part of the stand was still sealed off. If not, what is taking so long?[/quote] Was still sealed off when I was last tehre about 6/7 weeks ago
It was still fenced off in Round 20 when Coburg had the TV game. Very disappointing that nothing has been done about repairing it.
Grandstand has been fixed to a point where it is not dangerous but has not been reopened and is still sealed up. I know all the Coburg people would love for it to be fixed properley but I believe the main stumbling block is the council. I know Coburg have plans for the stand to be rebuilt but my understanding is that they struggle to get them approved for an unknown reason.
Seeing that they can't even get the council to maintain the ground, I think the stand works are still a fair way off.
You have to feel for Coburg. They have to deal with a council that either couldn't give a shit about footy or has no understanding of it. I suspect the former to be true