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Those Burger faithful who have seen Tambling this year, I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on him. One of the reasons I went to the ANZAC day clash on Monday was to take a look.. but I hardly saw him. He was ok in the first quarter but seemed to have very little impact on the game until he popped up again late in the last quarter. I realise he may not have been fully fit, but what have you seen of him and what are your expectations?
Whilst I admit I am easily Sam Rudolph's biggest advocate, I think he really did show Tambling up on Monday. Tambling looked good when picking the ball up from ground level but his kicks went no-where and his defensive efforts weren't there. That said, Tambling probably isn't near 100% fit.
Tambling had 18 possessions, 7 marks, 5 inside 50s. In saying that, I though Sam Rudolph did a good job. Tambling's disposal didnt seem damaging to me. It doesn't shock me that he got called up cos Richmond have been crowing about him, but in my view he needs more time at Coburg. After Sunday I could look like a fool though.