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Have Coburg found a money tree?
Three months ago all we could hear about is that Coburg are in a bad financial position, money was owed to people within the club, the bank balance was supposedly zip and the club was going to fold if the local council didn't boot off a local cricket club from City Oval. So when this week's fixture came out with all their home games at Coburg (removing two Punt Rd games which actually draw their biggest crowds and I dare say their biggest bar takings) I was even more surprised. Have they found a money tree down at City Oval? Or indeed who is actually funding the Coburg Tigers Football Club? Have the AFL given them some cash, has Football Vic given them some cash? Or was it a Dean Mighell media beat up in an attempt to sway the local council? I think their financial position being bad was genuine, it came from too many sources for it not to be. In which case - WHERE IS THE MONEY FOR 2006 COMING FROM???
It wouldnt be from crowd attendances at city road thats for sure. Maybe Richmond are helping in this area?? I recon Phil Cleary would be over the moon with Andy Collins taking on the coaching job.
They should be using trees to build a new grandstand. :oops: