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Coburg a threat in 06 ?
Mate what a start to the year for the burgers and the tiger cubs. Just wondering opinion on their chances this year. I had them written off at the start of the year and they are certainly sticking that opinion up my clacker atm. This was their side today - containing only 9 Richmond listed players and all bar 4 of them just kids with little to no AFL experience. B King [b]McGuane[/b] Jorgensen HB Kuret Robertson [b]Chaffey[/b] C [b]Humm[/b] Shelton [b]Howat[/b] HF [b]White[/b] [b]Hughes[/b] Neville F Carnell [b]Stafford[/b] Huy R Ronaldson [b]Rodan[/b] Mullins INT [b]Oakley-Nicholls [/b] Randello Burley Young Farrelly AS Gill I am presuming here that come finals the 12/10 or 10/12 rule applys giving this young side a top chance as that is what they are allready playing with. Compared to teams such as Willy for example who someone mentioned on the main forum had 16 Poowood players today and still could not win. Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't the 12/10 supposed to be allready in place, if not it should be. [img][/img][img...