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Victorian Football Association - Team of the Century
Been a couple of threads on this, as well as Peter Donegan raising the subject during the ABC TV Coverage. * He gave this site a wrap, and thanks Peter for continuing to promote it (despite some of the negative posters of late). He mentioned that George 'VFA' Paras was trying to get an official Team of the Century function up and running. It will be a massive task, but would draw a huge turnout considering all of the clubs that have been involved. Several recent club Team of the Century functions such as the Port Melbourne, Williamstown and Camberwell reunions (next one on October 15) drew big numbers, so I'm sure it could fill out the Palladium Rooms at Crown Casino. Selection and nomination would be an extremely big task, given the number clubs, and the period of two divisions.
With regards to the two division issue, there could always be a best division one and a best division two team? Sorry if this sounds like a crazy idea, but it was just I thought I had during the day today.
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VFA team of the Century will be most likely submitted from all the Clubs team of the Centuries. Port Melbourne, Williamstown, Camberwell, Prahran, Coburg, Sandringham, Springvale, Dandenong and Box Hill have already had theirs. Mordialloc will have theirs in October. All the other VFA clubs to have theirs. Then you will find that the nominations will come from the nominations from all clubs. For example the full forward will be picked from all the clubs nominated full forward. Freddie Cook- Port, Fotheringham- Williamstown, Frosty Miller- Dandenong and so on.