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State game crowd?
With VFL crowds being generally poor these days, what can the VFL do to maximise the crowd at the state game on May 21? Ken Gannon implored people watching the ABC TV game on Saturday to make the effort to get along to the game. But I dont think that is enough. To try and increase the crowds maybe they should try things like: * discounted tickets in the Herald-Sun * discounted / free entry for Victorian AFL members * VFL club members able to admit a friend for free ? Hopefully some of AFL cheer squads could put a banner together to help with the build up.
Will be very lucky to get 4-5000 and that would be with good weather.
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I agree that it looks like we might get a disapointing crowd. Potentially with Adelaide Crows supporters and some SANFL faithful getting to the game, they might outnumber Victorians at the game.


Will not get more than 1000 thier,also on crowds told thier was only 400 at most Coburg Frankston game anyone agree.
If they get 5,000 it would be absolutely amazing. I didnt get to Coburg on Saturday, but I wa told there was about 300. The saddest thing was the crowd at Newcommen Rd to watch the two in form sides in the competition. If there were more than 150 people there I will eat my hat.
I went to the Coburg game on Saturday about 300 in attendance, very few Frankston supporters.
On reflection I think I was being overly optimistic at 4-5000 maybe 2000 at the most even less if it is raining. I wonder who is picking up the costs and do the VFL players get paid?
I agree it could well be a poor crowd. I know the ABC is involved, but the game needs to be on a Sunday. Sunday games during the season get the best crowds, and is a more relaxed sort of day when people don't mind an afternoon at the footy. Too much competition on a Saturday - Local/Amateur leagues playing plus two AFL games in Melbourne that afternoon.
Very stupid to play it on a saturday but I suppose its done for thr ABCs sake. If the response is as bad as I now suspect then it might well be the last interstate game played in Melbourne for long time. Unfortunately for the average footy supporter in Melbourne this game between two second tier state comps is of little interest and is almost a waste of time and money. The embarrasing thing is that most local league games will pull better crowds.
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My preference is for Saturdays...then that leaves mw with Saturday night and Sunday to do other watch Arsenal beat Man Utd in this years F.A.Cup

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

[quote="billythekid"]The embarrasing thing is that most local league games will pull better crowds.[/quote] I think MOST is a pretty big stretch.