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State Game Media Coverage
I received details yesterday of Media coverage for the State Game on May 26 [b]TV Coverage:[/b] ABC TV Live VIC 1pm Delay WA 2pm(3 hr delay) TAS 3pm (2 hr delay) Replays on ABC2 at 11pm on Monday 28th and Wednesday 30th May [b]Radio Coverage: [/b] 3XX 1611, Casey Radio, 1116 SEN(TBC), 6RPH 990AM Information Radio(Perth)
Coverage to [b]kick off at 12.30pm [/b]Big Preview of both sides with expert anaylsis. Commentators: Simon Petch & Nigel Carmody (Scorpions Captain) Special Comments: Tristan Foenander (Werribee FC Media) & Marty Atkins (South Fremantle Football Manager) extras to be added closer to date. Casey Radio 97.7FM - - or check for link on this website
Looking forward to this game.
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We're still putting together our [b]State Game[/b] coverage. We know for sure that it will be myself and Phil Shaw in commentary but we don't know they make up of the rest of our team yet. I would like to get Nick Butler (Geelong) back again for Special Comments, but we haven't contacted him yet. Also we are going to contact the WAFL to see if we can get one of their guys to help out in special comments. There could be a chance of syndicating our coverage to WA stations, I'll contact them during the week. Start time? Well if we get the guests, I'd say 12pm - if not, then straight into a 1pm start. Big day with possibly 4 calling teams there! Peter Holden
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Anyone heard the mainstream media giving the game a plug? Would be good to see the AFL website plugging the game on its front page. This is one that the VFL and WAFL should harass the AFL about. We want to get decent publicity for this clash. If the AFL are looking to test the market with State of Origin in 2008, then this would be a great chance to see what promotion of the game (TV ads etc) would do to crowd numbers.


3XX 1611 AM is looking at a possible 12 Midday start for the state game.
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This game will hopefully be an absolute corker, if the last two interstate games involving the VFL are anything to go by. Casey Radio has all the action covered this year. As Kain Pollard (Casey_Radio) mentioned on Saturday, we are due to go live to air at 12.30pm on the big day with expert analysis from commentators Simon Petch and Nigel Carmody, and special comments from Werribee media identity Tristan Foenander and 266-game South Fremantle premiership player and 6-time WA state rep Marty Atkins. Not only can people in Melbourne tune in on the radio on 97.7FM, but also those over in the west can get a simulcast of our coverage on 990 Information Radio. Or, should one wish, you can also go to our website on and follow the links. Let's hope this game is a real showcase for the VFL. Cheers, AJ.
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Moved post: [quote="STANGA"]Did anyone else look on in amazement at the double page spread devoted to NEXT weeks VFL state game in the Herald-Sun last Friday? Thought it was fantastic. First 500 kids get a free footy, gold coin entry, Geoff Poulter picked his team, there was one article on Nick Sautner, little one on Shane Valenti and a couple others. There's some vintage Nick Sautner quotes in his article, but great to see the Sun pumping up the state game a week out. Hope the weather's great! Should at least be more than Vic v SA a couple of years ago! GO VICS![/quote]


Oops! Didn't see that one!
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Any members fancy meeting up pre game for a pub meal??

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Would people be interested in tuning into the Under 23 Game as people make their way to TEAC Oval, or are most people planning to start the day early... In the car you shouldnt have a problem picking up Casey Radio on 97.7FM, have been doing car checks and can be heard in Port Melbourne... If you guys post that you are interested and would like us to do it, I have got VFL permission to broadcast the game after speaking with Martin Stillman this afternoon at Frankston