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Do you know if Poulter reads this forum, Ons?
[quote="bcarbonaro"]Do you know if Poulter reads this forum, Ons?[/quote] For your sake Benny, noting some of your previous comments about Poulter, and the fact that you want a career in the media, I hope not.
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Yes I also read the article today and hopefully there is more coverage on the VFL in future like today also a good crowd turns up next week. I shall be there to support the Vics and interstate footy. Go Borough! Go Victoria (VFL)
Still not sure if I am going to go or not.
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[quote="bcarbonaro"]Still not sure if I am going to go or not.[/quote] Come on Benny, whatever you have on next Saturday, cancel it and come on down to TEAC Oval. The VFL needs all the support it can get. As a passionate VFL man, I want you there!
AFL Games next weekend Saturday May 26 CARLTON V ADELAIDE @ Telstra Dome Shouldn't draw the biggest crowd, good promotion through the Herald - Sun, Cheap Entry.. Great Game of Footy.. Burra Burgers what else could a footy fan ask for? Weather will be a big factor with some interested parties turn off heading to TEAC Oval and hopefully they still watch it on the ABC. Huge interest in Perth from reports
The WAFL has a better public profile than the VFL if the media given to it by newspapers etc is anything to go by.