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Bendigo - Skipworth Box Hill - Alister Neville and Steve McKenna Casey - Andrew McQualter and James Wall Coburg - Tristan Cartledge Collingwood - Liam Jurrah and Danny Nicholls Frankston - Justin Berry Geelong - Matt Firman and James Byrne North Ballarat - Brett Goodes, Orren Stephenson, Tom Roach, Michael Searl and Jacob Spolding Northern/Preston - Adam Iaccobuci Port Melbourne - John Baird, Cory McGrath and Robin Nahas Sandringham - Peter Summers, Shane Valenti, Ezra Poyas, Nick Sautner and Rod Crowe Tasmania - Cameron Thurley, James Charlesworth and Nathan Street Werribee - James Podsiadly Willy - Scott Meyer, Jason Cloke, Dean Galea, Brett Johnson, Patrick Rose and David Stretton Obviously Valenti's selection now in doubt, he will play for Melbourne unless dropped after one game. Thoughts? Comments? Captain?