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Mate, Can you please put me down for one as well, size M if possible? How do you want our details, just via a PM? Also do you know if we can get numbers on them?
Could you please me down for one as well xxl. Found out about this topic on another footy forum. :D
i`ll go in for 2. size L
[quote="spence"]Got a reply from Kombat again. We can get them made if there are 10 or more. Price will be under $55. So put your names in here and we will get some Vic pride happening. Maybe need to post this in some other areas of the forum and drum up some more interest. I would hate anyone to miss out. I will leave that part to you NorthPort. Thanks, spence[/quote] I would like one please. How does the sizing work?
Hey, I've been searching around for a Big V and I came across this thread. So, I was wondering if it still possible to put my name down to get one of the Big V jumpers as well? If so, size large, please. Cheers,
hey spence, i am an expat vic living s.a. and cant think of a better way to annoy them than walking around in a big v jumper. am really interested in how to get one. how to pay, how to get it in s.a. 1 size xl would be great
Spen, How we looking for numbers? Any word on when your sending off the worder?
Sorry for the lack of reply. I have been away this week. I will collect the numbers from this post and pass on the info. I will get back to you here when I have more info. I will have to confirm the sizing and get back here. spence
Top work Spence. It looks like this order might now be a goer. Thanks for sorting it out for us!
I am just waiting for the size chart to finalise these orders. I have not forgotten about this. I will keep you all informed. spence