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[quote="Dolphin"]Marcus Marigliani added to squad today.[/quote] The way he played against us yesterday, he definitely deserves an opportunity.
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Does he replace Valenti? Is it still possible to recieve a late call-up?
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Not sure. But with Valenti's promotion, they would have have to bring someone else in. Pretty sure McQualter may be ineligable as well because he has been promoted. If someone could clear this up it would great.
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Guys, Its a SQUAD. There are 37 guys on it. Nobody repalces anybody yet. They will only name 24 players.
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I'm reliably informed that Ben Jolley from Williamstown has been added to the squad.
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[quote="iceman"] Heard that, pretty embarrassing if he isn't, he even told Kyle that maybe he should go and check the website as he should know this stuff!! Maybe Darren should be the one knowing this stuff. [/quote] Why am I not surprised to hear about Darren Boyd making a mistake? If Matthews isnt in the state squad - and I've heard nothing this week that suggests he has been added - then Boyd has made a terrible, embarrassing mistake. One which Pete Donegan quickly corrected. The fact Boyd told Matthews that he should check websites and fussed all over it was even more pathetic. Bring back Dave Lennon.
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Watching todays game the three port boys played really well as for matthews get in and get the hard ball sat around waiting for easy kicks another daniel harford