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Big V Jumpers, time to finalise your details
Spence has asked that you please post your final selection for size and quantity in this thread (only). [img][/img] * Jumper subject to change Sizes are as follows: [img][/img] Please note that Spence has mentioned there may need to be a postage charge to cover sending them out to everyone.
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I'd like to purchse two at XL Size (105cm). If you post direct deposit details or PM them to me, I will transfer the money this week.


G'day all, If we could get orders only here please and ask questions in:- I am thinking we better have a cut of date for at least the first batch otherwise early people will be waiting to long. Therefore if I get at least 10 by 12:00 Friday I will put that order through then. Others after that time will need to wait for the next batch. [b][u]I will wait until the jumpers are in my hands before getting payment from anyone.[/u][/b] Fair enough? [b][u]Note 22/05:[/u][/b] Looks like the delivery will take six weeks after order. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, little I can do about it. Thanks, spence
Spence can i please confirm my order for a XXXL one.Thankyou!
Spen, can you please put me down for a medium. Cheers mate!
1 x L and 1 x XL thanks champ
Hey Spence. Could I please have a size medium. Thanks mate. Cheers Ben P.S Where can I send the money or payment details?
[color=darkblue][/color] Hey Spence.. Could I order one SMALL please mate.. Im cool to wait for the second order if need be.. Cheers Aaron PM me when you need payment!
Hey Spence may be leaving it late but happy to wait as long as it takes,any chance you could order 2 jumpers - 1 size 4xl and 1 size 2xl, cheers,sandy.
Order was sent in on Monday being:- Medium: Leftfootkick:1, bcarbonaro:1 Large: Topcat:1 Spare:1 XL: Spence:2 Topcat:1 NorthPort:2 XXXL: Maddog:1 10 in total I will have to see if I can get sandy08 and azaki onto that order or not. I will let you know. I have had to re-think the payment options as it seems people drift in and out of the forum and I may get stuck with 5 jumpers. Maybe just the cost of the jumper up front then postage cost when I get them, but before I send them. I will send private messages to people with payment details soon. Hope this is ok. Of course if anything were to go wrong you would get your refund. spence
Thanks Spence old boy.