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hey spence could i please have a large cheers
[quote="brans"]hey spence could i please have a large cheers[/quote] Bit late for this order brans. I'll have to see what comes in the order. I think there may be an extra ordered but will have to wait and see. Make sure your Private Messages are configured to notify you by email. Via here:- Notify on new Private Message: Yes Pop up window on new Private Message: Yes then I can let you know. spence
Check your PM's people.
Jumpers are here. Messages sent to maddog, azaki, sandy08, topcat, leftfootkick, Goss_Marauder. So check your PM's people. Email sent to brans. Very happy with the final product. Looks heaps better than the AFL one. Ours are a proper navy blue, not a grey blue like theirs.
Spence, didn't get one but congratulations on your efforts in organising them, and no doubt the recipients appreciate it!
Yep kudos mate, top effort. I`ve replied to your PM
yep got the email sent a reply if you can please get back to me re details cheers brans
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Thanks for dropping it off Spence, got the delivery today. They are bigger than I expected (the 110cm is actually 116cm) so I might get mum to make a slight alteration. They look outstanding though. Thanks again.


Brilliant effort Spence. I'm eagerly anticipating this one, although I think I may give it to a mate of mine who's the biggest Big V fan I know! That is unless of course I can't bear to part with it. Thanks again mate.