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Burgers will win both Reserves and Seniors Grand Finals
There isnt a team strong enough to topple us come finals time...Go Burgers... :D
You mean when you get all those Richmond champions back ???
Skeeta, i'm a fellow richmond supporter . . . um . . . what the hell you talking about?!?!?
We will see how good the Coburg 2s are when they take on Williamstown...That will give us a good indication. As for Coburg seniors Id probably rate them as the 5th or 6th best side in the Competion.
I think it's just a case of a supporter get ahead of themselves.
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Skeeta, get off the grass. Coburg especially with clowns like Kane Petrified Pettifer running around have NO CHANCE !!!!! Will go out in straight set, or one loss shall I say as they will not make the top four.
Bit early for predictions of GF wins this far from GF night!
[quote="billythekid"]Bit early for predictions of GF wins this far from GF night![/quote] in the reserves whoever beats Williamstown will be premiers

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