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Well as seeing as the introductions board has been created... [b]Name[/b]: David [b]Age[/b]: 30 (fast approaching 31) [b]Online nick[/b]: onslaught (a character from the cartoon - Transformers.. I use the name for multiplayer gaming) [b]Club[/b]: Port Melbourne, and also support Footscray since about 1995. Previous to 1993 I barracked for Camberwell (family tradition) [b]Occupation[/b]: IT - Network Engineer [b]Current TV shows[/b]: Reality TV will be the death of TV :( Ive started watching the Sopranos just recently.. Previous to that 24. (both on DVD)[/b]
Name: Sam Age: 16 Online nick:goUUUdogs (trademark chant of my club) Club: Centrals (SANFL), followed them all my life, been in the cheersuad since 2001 Occupation: apprenticeship in mechanical engineering, myster shopper and caltex driveway attendant. Current TV shows: South Park, and anything V8 Supercars.