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Hello, My name is Chris, I'm 16 a Port Adelaide Supporter and I'am from Melbourne. But weird! I no! But I would be happy to explain my story if people want to know why. I'm not really a big VFL fan but because you guys are affilaited with AFL Online and the Bulldogs Barking I thought I would join and see what its like. I also help run a new Port Adelaide Magpies/Power website to. Nice meeting you all! :wink: Chris!
Chris want to follow a real team get on board the borough train
gday jase. I know you..didnt know you name thou. you and ur gf are mad borough supporters. u go to every match....rain...hail...shine...
Born and bred player sponser been to over 300 games have got borough tatts would die for the club want ashes over ground
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Chris....follow the Borough by all means.....and increase your disappointment levels!... Borough were good way back when... Not any more

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

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:D slayson,try following a top footy team for over 1000 games ,sponsoring,playing, helping,supporting and plenty of zebra transfers and proud of them all. no pink in our jumper pal. go zebs zebra :evil:
Thanks I guess! :lol: