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Hi Folks
Howdy all. Came across the site this morning, and had to join, being a VFA/VFL fan from way back. Looking forward to talking to you all about the past present and future of the game in this great state of ours!
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:D Welcome Diablo, good to hear from an old Oaks supporter, remember having a few frothies in the old shed near grandstand ,great times and conversation. Sandy and the Oaks had many a tough tussle and really good hard games with McCooke and Coghlan and the best bigman of all Big Bob Johnson always looking for chance to gain an edge and kick a goal. Sandy was lucky to get Darren Mitchelson from Oakleigh and he turned out to be a great player for us inc. 3 premierships 92,94,97 and became club captain. Shame Oakleigh folded but that area of Waverley,Dandy, Caulfield,Moorabbin and now Springy moved out seems to be a trend unfortunately but times change and maybe another day these clubs may regroup again. go zebs zebra :wink: