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Round 9 Frankston vs Bendigo Bombers
[b]UNDER MANNED DOLPHINS BEAT HORRIBLE BOMBERS[/b] Frankston 1-0-6 6-3-39 7-5-47 10-10-70 Bendigo Bombers 2-1-13 5-5-35 6-7-43 8-10-58 SCORERS: [b]FRANKSTON[/b] Berry 3.1, Pollard 2.0, Hynes 1.2, O'Dell, Roberts,Burns 1.1, Clarke 1.0, Anstey, Kemperman, Black, Morris 0.1. [b]BENDIGO[/b] Beasy 2.2, Haynes 1.3, Bullen 1.2, Slattery 1.1, Blumfield, Monfries, Cartledge 1.0, Hunt 0.1, Rushed 0.1. Crowd: 2000 at Frankston Park A game that won't go down as one of the best seen. After the Bommbers got off to a good start but despite having alot of the ball couldn't get the ball past half forward but still lead 2.1 to nil until Chris O'Dell scored Frankston's only goal of the quarter after the siren so Bendigo lead by 7pts at the first break. The 2nd quarter cleary the best of the day with Frankston outscoring the Bombers by 5 goals to 3 to lead by 4 pts at half time. The 3rd quarter went nowhere with both sides struggling to score, Frankston maintained their 4pt lead at the last break both teams kicking just 1.2 for the term. With game in the balance deep in the last qtr Frankston senior players got them over the line with late goals to Berry and Clarke giving Frankston an upset 12pt win. A great celebration for Michael Ablett's 100th game. Best players for Frankston were Justin Berry, John Hynes and Michael Ablett. For Bendigo they were harder to find but I thought Ben Haynes, Ted Richards and Joel Reynolds were their best. After Essendon's thrashing last night their was nothing for them to get out of today's game either. It was a double celebration for Frankston as the reserves won the their 1st game for the season and lifting themselves to 9th on the ladder and dropping Bendigo to last. Frankston 2-1-13 4-2-26 8-5-53 13-6-84 Bendigo Bombers 3-2-20 5-7-37 8-10-58 10-12-72
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Well done Frankston, good to see the standalone side getting the win! Thanks for the write-up Robbo, what were conditions like? Any reason for the low scoring?


Conditions were excellent. No particular reason for the low scoring except their were lots of errors and both teams were falling down across half forward.