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Sandringham V Springvale Scorpions
Considering the conditions were ideal for footy today this game was a pretty scrappy affair.... One big suprise was seeing Brent Guerra playing for Springvale....he's a classy player aand it showed today when he got the ball.... Interesting to see Peter Banfield have a go at the umpires as he was walking off at 1/2 time... I am no expert at what constitutes attractive football but Springvale today played some really odd they were trailing yet they kicked the ball backwards...sideways...and flooded the Sandringham forward line...if you're 5-6 goals down you're not going to win the game playing like that... Always a pleasure to beat Springvale...whatever way they play GO ZEBS
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Guerra done for Striking.. did anyone see the incident? Sandringham 3.4 9.8 12.11 15.16 (106) Scorpions 4.1 5.2 8.5 12.7 (79) BEST: Sandringham: Summers Liddell O'Keeffe Gallagher Carroll Armstrong Scorpions: Harrison Carmody Guerra Gwilt Murray Eames GOALS: Sandringham: Sautner 5 Gallagher 2 Dunn Conroy Motlop Jamar Liddell Armstrong Williams Johnson Scorpions: Guerra 5 Hobbs 2 Bruin 2 Gwilt Eames Carmody REPORTED PLAYERS: Sandringham: N. Carroll engaging in rough conduct Scorpions: S.Harrison -enganging in rough conduct B. Guerra - striking


5 goals to Nick Sautner? Was this his first game back. When I saw him walk off with the injury to his thumb, I didn,t think he would be seen again for a while yet. It was just about the ugliest break I have ever seen. There was just way too much bone showing for my liking. For him to come back from that so soon, and kick 5, is pretty impressive. Good luck to him.
[quote="onslaught"] Sandringham: Sautner 5 [/quote] How many from the goalsquare? No doubt Sandy look more dangerous when he's up forward, gun VFL player. With the injury he's had there'll be no trophy for him this year in the goalkicking though. Also I see Matt Bate got reported in the 2s for kicking? Anyone see?
I dont care how Nick Sauntner gets his goals he is a great VFL player. Looks like the Zebs with plenty of class Demons players avaiable and others coming back from injury are starting to make a run at the top spots.
How'd Gaz Sammartino go?