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Willy v Springy reserves
Buckley not listed.. no surprises there. Can't see the towners being beaten with that side listed. When: Saturday 11th June Where: Burbank Oval, Morris Street Williamstown Melways Map 56 D12 Seniors: BYE Reserves: 11:10am start Williamstown Reserves B B. Morrison Boyd Proctor HB Langlands Barling McKenzie C Picken B. Shaw Rose HF Benson Macri Dow F O'Dwyer Galea Cook R Meyer Theodore Smoker Int Chiu Dullard Grossman McInneny Crawford Gowers Maghamez Stretton Scorpions Reserves B Biagi Mullins Butterss HB Hogan Demicoli Rafferty C Smith Taylor Fredricks HF Waldron Mercoulia Kennedy F Morrish Murphy Arezzolo R Worner McDonnell Wright Int Rouette Dorbolo Wischmann Dean Forsyth Spithill Wynne Orme
Is there any hope for Billy Morrison!? 8O