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Round 11 - Box Hill v Williamstown
Went along today to take a look at the game... A terrific game of footy throughout with only a couple of kicks in the margin most of the way through. Scores were level at the 25 minute mark, and Willy held out to post a narrow win. The crowd was huge considering the threatening weather. On radio, Ross Booth said maybe 6000, but it was probably closer to 5000. Hopefully the good footy played might keep a few of them coming to the VFL. Both Buckley and Lekkas got through the game ok... and there was a big contingent of media there for that.
I thought I saw you there mate. I'm truly gutted about today's ressies and seniors. We should have won both games. :(
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Bad kicking by Box Hill...and I was hoping they'd beat Williamstown...anything to do with Collingwood yoa gotta hate!

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

Couldn't beleive we lost the seconds by as much as we did, we were a real chance with about 10 to go, they just ran away. And the seniors!!! That was a killer! We were home! 10 points, 25 mins gone! Real heartbreaker! Spent the last two minutes of the match with my head down, knew we were gone. Wanted to leave, but i know that's just plain wrong. When i settled down after the match, and FINALLY got back to the car, 3 streets away, i was able to appreciate what a good match it was. How about Benny McGlynns goal from the boundry? Sensational! And in the first quarter, Bucks tackled Benny, big tackle, then 5 seconds later, laid a ripping tackle on bucks just in front of the interchange bench, just love the way he goes about it. Sad to see Harvs and D.Breese in the twos, but i spose i can see why, just for a week or two, but yeah, good to have such a high level match for the big crowd, it was a good day out in the end. Need to beat the Burgers this week, should've beaten Willy! Can't see who outside the 8 can seriously threaten us, maybe Willy? Springvales gone, you never know with Geelong, they could come good, get some good players back or something! Let's see if Benny McGlynn can DESTROY Tambling again! Go Stangas!
[quote="STANGA"] Let's see if Benny McGlynn can DESTROY Tambling again! [/quote] Well, Collo said Benny had broken his jaw from the Cloke incident on radio this morning, so I reckon he'll be missing!