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Round 11 Frankston v Tasmania
Funny game, just watched the first half. Presume the next half will be as interesting, seems the game was played with a bit of feeling. Good to see some rivalry between the two teams. That well known screamer who stands on the wing can be heard through the whole coverage though. However, I reckon those Devils should be watched closely. In previous matches I've noticed they dont mind clipping a bloke across the back of the head after a mark or dishing out a bit of late contact. Should be a few at the tribunal out of this game, I notice a Geappen or two have already been reported. Hope they get rubbed out. That boundary umpire probably cost the Dolphins the game!! Pure guesswork calling Justin Berry out of bounds, it was the wrong call. That's the problem with the VFL umpires, they GUESS too much. Don't see it, don't pay it - that's how it should be. What was the crowd Dolphin?
The crowd was pretty ordinary, about 400. Thats about 20% of the crowds so far and highlights the fact that (although Tassie won't pull a crowd) thatw e just wont get good crowds on a Saturday. Your right there was a bit of feeling. The 2 Geappens are up, as well as Mick Ablett. The umpiring was the worst I have seen for a very long tie. Daniel Clarke had 7/8 frees paid against him, but the Tas ruckman hit him in the head all day and he got nothing. All you needed to do was look at the guys face at half time while they patched it up to know he was getting a beating. The club has also been asked to answer to a melee charge which is also a bit rich. Justin Berry was robbed, but umpiring decisions don't change the result. He just needs to consider himself lucky that he didn't hit the boundary umpire with that throw.