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Port Melbourne v Williamstown - Rnd 17
Should be an absolute pearler this game. The Seagulls who have struggled this season, will be on a high after beating the ladder leaders, while Port Melbourne had to battle hard to come away from Skilled Stadium by just 5 points. The Towners would have to go in as favourites, as Ports up and down form continues.
I made the journey to Geelong on saturday and I saw the same problems Port has had all year. There 3rd quarters are just terrible they dont come out hard enough. But the big problem is the centre ball ups. Every week we just get murdered, Id love to see some official stats because I recon we'd be lucky to win 1 out of 5 clearances. To Ghazis credit he made Trotter and Ash Watson man up at every bounce but this made little difference. Our forward line worked well and apart from 6 goals from Haynes I thought the backline stuck to the task. We really got exposed through the midfield with a lack of pace. J Byrne, Dan Byrne and Shannon Byrnes were very dominant and we had no one who could run with them. Again almost all our goals were set up from the backline. Not sure who this guy was but number 53 for Geelong is the quickest bloke Ive seen in the VFL since Aaron Davey was at Port. He left Schwarta and Ash Watson in his wake a number of times, hes lightning! Hopefully we can sort out the ball up situation and have a good win over Willy this weekend.
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[b]Seniors[/b] [b]Port Melbourne 1.4 10.8 13.10 17.14 (116) Williamstown 4.3 8.4 11.8 13.14 (92)[/b] BEST: Port Melbourne: Lawrence Robbins Schwarze Perkins Gibson Obst Williamstown: Davies Lokan Dukes Barling Williams Cranage GOALS: Port Melbourne: McMahon 2 Thewlis 2 Jones 2 Sansbury Lawrence Cotchett Perkins Le Cras Robbins McMahon McKernan Urch Alexander Pitt Williamstown: Dukes 6 Jarrad Picken Tallis Morrison Lawry Lokan Cranage After a lot of controversy late in the week with the alignment issue. Port held on to post a good win, against a spirited Seagulls side. Williamstown lost players early, the most serious was the Brayden Shaw incident, in which he reportedly suffered concussion and a fractured sternum. Leaving them with an interchange bench of two for the majorty of the match. Jeremy Dukes finished with six, and Port Melbourne may have had a slightly unsettled line-up with John Baird flying to Canberra on short notice. For the Borough, good form from Obst particularly when the pressure was on, is some of the best news, after just a handful of games this season. Lawrence and Robbins were dominant in the midfield.. but it was the hard running from Ben Schwarze that set up a lot of scoring chances, running hard, and breaking the lines. With Baird out of the side Kris Shore spent time in defence, helping out Perry and Gibson who was spoiling well and setting up the run out of the backline. There was a few firey incidents throughout the game, and the first half in particular had some ferocious intensicity in parts, and tackling throughout the game was excellent. [b]Reserves[/b] Port managed to defeat ladder leaders Williamstown in a high standard reserves game, kicking goals late in the last , after Williamstown fought back hard after the 3/4 time break. [b]Port Melbourne 4.3 12.6 16.8 19.15 (129) Williamstown 3.3 7.6 11.8 15.11 (101)[/b] BEST: Port Melbourne: Rudd Moran Bloom Aloi Harvey Bonaddio Williamstown: Macri McKenzie Galea Crawford Hollow Smoker GOALS: Port Melbourne: Harvey 3 Bonaddio 3 Aloi 2 Dwyer 2 Rudd 2 Hooker 2 Gilham Pinwill Cheevers Moran Bloom Williamstown: Smoker 4 Galea 3 Pearce 2 Hollow 2 Rose Boyd Maghamez Cook Brad Moran continued his improving form, and will develop into a very good ruckman in my opinion. Bloom and Rudd in the middle of the ground set up a lot of the goals.. Aloi could have finished with a couple more, going very close from deep in the pockets. My first chance to see WRFL player Galea, and I thought he did some good work, and should play a lot of senior VFL footy next year.