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Andrew Kellaway sought by VFL Clubs?
Wondered what people thought about Kellaway lining up in the VFL in 2007? Sort of player that could take on a leadership/assistant coaching role.
He has a lot to offer a VFL club. He was always an on field leader. But he wpn't come cheap.
He'll be at Port. He's just the kind of player they want.
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Kellaway family have played at Sandringham for many years as brother Lauchie was a champion centreman and Andrew played his early years with the Zebras before picked up by Richmond and now is still a talented backman and would make a top vfl player. go zebs zebra :wink:
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[quote="Dolphin"]He'll be at Port. He's just the kind of player they want.[/quote] Wouldn't surprise me... If Matt Smith isn't drafted, he'd probably then spend more time up forward.


[quote="crashlander"]He has a lot to offer a VFL club. He was always an on field leader. But he wpn't come cheap.[/quote] Good point that.... Would he go to an aligned club or a stand alone club that has the cash to afford to have on thier list?
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It was suggested on Bigfooty that he may join his brother in B grade VAFA when he gets back from overseas.


Should have been Gasper looking for a new club.What is Wallace thinking, Gasper a key position player, give me a break. He has taken a pay cut, hell, he should be paying RFC for all the money he has ripped of them.
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Totally agree. Kellaway is a far better player than Gaspar. Kellaway did well when he gort a game. Gaspar struggled. Wrong move Wallace.
Yeah, absolutely gutted when i heard about Kellaway! I thought Wallace was calling his bluff because he was angry about the surfing injury, nah, when i saw him in tears after the West Coast game (which he didn't play) i realised this was serious. It's a stupid move. You can have all the run coming out of the backline you want, that is very important nowdays, but you still need a big body to stop a big body. Having suffered 3 100+ defeats, and another close one, taking Kellaway out just leaves us prone to more of that i reckon. I remember watching Duncan's younger brother running around at Sandy, and being quite excited about him coming to Richmond. This is no way to treat a player such as Kella. If the modern game means that players like Kellaway aren't wanted, then i don't know if the game's worthwhile!