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Well done Robin Nahas.. Make sure you get elevated.. I don't want to see you in Coburg colours this season. I thought either Toby Pinwill or Chris Cain might have been a chance to be rookied... There really weren't too many picked from the VFL.


[quote="zebraman"]If Nahas is a rookie then won't he play for Coburg??..unless he gets elevated to the senior list[/quote Correct Zebraman
They will elevate Nahas at the expense of Polak
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Congratulations Robin Nahas, he deserves every chance at the Big Time. Feel sorry for Gary though losing a quality player. Pete. (Thinks if he doesn't call footy on radio this year, he should work in media with the PMFC???)
Jade Rawlings will be licking his chops at getting Nahas...Dont think he will be put on Tigers list, that will go to either Gourdis or Sylvester...Nahas will give the Burgers much needed drive....What a draft the Tigers have by far of all teams.
Will port melb pick up any dollars for both nahas and cousins?????
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Can you pick up money for a player that never actually played a game for Port??

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

Melbourne taking Liam Jarrah is interesting. Remember writing on here, that after seeing him play for Collingwood against Geelong that he'd get drafted only for him to play another game and then drop totally off the radar. The Bullants did well in this draft with Carlton picking up Luke Stanton from the Northern Knights and Bently from Port Adelaide. Both will be welcome additions to the Bullants midfield. Surprised Stanton took so long to be picked up, he looked ok in the Under 18 carnival.
Would be great if Silvester is finally given an opportunity to prove himself aside from the NAB Cup. Good advertisement for our competition yet again to see a player such as Nahas being given a chance by an AFL club, but am a bit frustrated seeing no more or very few VFL players drafted or rookied.
[quote="jasonborough"]Will port melb pick up any dollars for both nahas and cousins?????[/quote]I believe the answer is yes on both counts.