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[quote="caseyscorp"]Venue needed anyone?[/quote] Yeah, but a metro one! :wink:
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[/quote] Thats fair enough but say its not finished by the end of August, well it will probably rule Sandringham out of a home final as well because a lot of viewing areas are missing. We've never had a home final before so hopefully that won't be an issue

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

It's unfortunate that it does rule Sandy out of hosting a home final though.
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:D Ben,of course we we would love a final at TBO. but the fact remains we have won so many finals at TEAK oval in the last 22 years that we play better there than at our home ground at TBO Sandy. Thanks for your support though if it should come up. Go Zebs Zebra :wink:
Well, I am only a five minute walk from the ground when I am staying at my Dad's place.
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It appears the new fence at the Zebradome has been completed. It looks better than I thought it would be. Can someone with a camera take a few snaps and post them
Yep it is finished. Looks alright and has come up a lot better than expected but is not that high. From the council website
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Father Christmas (supplemented from my winnings in the Footy Tipping) brought me a digital camera; I took a few shots of the new fence at the Zebradome. It has taken me a couple of weeks to learn how to get the images inside the camera, then to get them onto the PC and then on to the Site and into a post. The new fence is between the Northern & Southern gates. It consists of timber posts about 250 mm sq, approx 2M apart. Between the posts are wire mesh panels and concrete panels at the bottom. There are two panels of wire mesh between the posts, a black one on the outside and a silver one on the inside. The inside one has various shapes which I guess are meant to represent the sea and waves. [size=18][b]View from other side of Beach Rd, near southern entrance[/b][/size] [img] [size=18][b]From other side of Beach rd , about centre of ground[/b][/size] [img] [size=18][b]From the bike path looking towards the social club[/b][/size] [img] [size=18][b]Looking towards the scoreboard[/b][/size] [img] [size=18][b]Notice the silver panels, perhaps they represent waves[/b][/size] [img] [size=18][b]Three of the old concrete panels retained for historic value[/b][/size] [img]
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Doesn't look as bad as I thought it might. If they get big crowds, expect numbers to hop that fence! Could be a revenue loss for the Zebras :)


Given the height of this structure,Ihope the Zebs have budgeted for a drop in gate receipts.Vfa george would hop over this blindfolded.