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Is anyone on here loaded with cash?? Let's form a break away competition called the Victorian Football Association. With members the board members. Imagine what we could do, I reckon we have better ideas than most at aflvic!
Flat broke!!!! Nah, not really . . . but not flush with cash! sonds great though
[quote="STANGA"]Rich Reitz has ABSOLUTELY KNACKERED UP the coverage. [/quote] That and everything else you said is 100% spot on! I nearly choked when I read Dick Reiz thinks the VFL coverage is better than ever. It's never been WORSE! I'm afraid whenever I've read Dick's comments I get the feeling it is him talking about what he thinks of Phil - and thats to the detriment of the coverage and the thousands of viewers the ABC once had. I reckon we should throw him the challenge of coming on this board and explaining what he's trying to do with the coverage because I can't never recall such a large amount of viewer disenchantment with the quality of the ABC broadcast. Doubt he'd waste his time though, he's probably too busy preparing for Saturday's VFL coverage that none of us will be watching. As for Cleary's half time wrap, it looks tacky how they cut to Cleary's face as he asks the questions. It's as plain as day that they use just one camera at the interview and Phil asks the questions to the camera before or after the guest has left and they are edited in. And often the guests answers are too sharply edited. A bunch of Year 8 Media Studies students could have cut the Sam Newman interview better than the ABC did.
you can only hope Reize and the VFL marketing boffins are pointed to this thread. There's lots to do and it's time to make a start!
[quote="theobserver"]In Stillman's defence he's been at the VFA/VFL for a long time. I can remember having a beer with him at the Liston in around 1990, so he's been there at least 15 years, maybe even 20. I don't think you could call him a seat warmer[/quote] He started out as the lackey office boy to Gannon that great VFA lover! NOT!
There may well be some shortcomings with the VFL competition that need attention, and I'm sure that many of the commentators on this forum have a very good understanding of those issues. But surely, no-one seriously suggests that changing the name from the VFL to the VFA will make one iota of difference. Unfortunately, the number of times that this comment is made, I think a number of people on this forum really believe it will make a difference. Concentrate on the things that matter, and where the use of energy will make a material difference, instead of bunging on about the name of the competition.
[quote="footyman"]It's as plain as day that they use just one camera at the interview and Phil asks the questions to the camera before or after the guest has left and they are edited in.[/quote]Thats the way Phil has done those interviews for years. Nothing new about that, so its not a recent problem. As for the name, well its really been done to death. Its not going to change, so move on. The problem with Phil is that this is the only thing he has been banging on about for years. PC has a hell of a lot to offer, and he should probably turn his mind to other issues way more important than the bname if he really wants to help. Just a thought.
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Stanga wrote [quote]....when i tape the VFL, i fast forward to Phil's bit, and that's all i watch....[/quote] I have also fallen into that habit, and, if I don't know the result FF to the end.
I don't know why you VFL haters bother wasting your breath when you have such a disliking for the comp - suppose you have to be able to have a whinge to someone that might listen and agree with you to make you feel better about yourself. MOVE ON!! It's not going to change and going back to being the VFA would NOT bring more people through the gates nor change the ability to market the competition any easier. Things changed for a reason and unless you all have a lazy couple of million $ to throw around, this is how it is going to be for a while to come. And for the record, the VFL clubs voted unanimously for the name change from the VFA to VFL - not just the "seat warmers" - the only club which didn't agree was Coburg (well done Phil)!! If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all - if Phil and everyone else disagrees with all to do with the VFL so much, then be quiet and go an find an interest in something enjoyable - stop being so grumpy with the world!!
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I think the "VFL" name is a bad marketing move. Not saying it should be the VFA, someone else might be able to come up with a better name, but most of the time when I speak to casual footy followers and I say VFL, they think I mean AFL. The branding is too confusing... maybe name it the TruEnergy Cup - people know the TAC Cup is the Under 18's, we just have to find a unique name for the VFL. Peter Holden.