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Round 20 - Tasmania v Williamstown.
Final score: Tasmania 7.2 11.4 12.7 15.9 (99) Williamstown 4.5 12.8 14.15 21.21 (147) Goals: Tasmania: Ben Careless 4, Jason Howard 3, Adam Derbyshire 2, Lachlan Hansen 2, Ben Ross 1, Ken Hall 1, Lee Adams 1, Scott Stevens 1. Williamstown: Andrew Williams 7, Brad Dick 4, Danny Nicholls 2, Brodie Holland 2, Paul Licuria 2, Liam Picken 1, Brett Johnson 1, Ben Reid 1, Chris Dawes 1.
Looks like we didn't do a bad job, considering we not only blooded our 26th debutant this year, but Williamstown had a pretty strong AFL presence... News is scarce up here in Qld...have the Devils and Roos split...?
What was the crowd? are tassie in the vfl next year?
Good to see gibbo have a good game after a three ,month lay off..
Match will be replayed on ABC2 next Sunday morning at 1am.