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SEN may broadcast the VFL Grand Final.
Could we see six stations covering the game? 3SER 3XX 3LO/774 3AW SEN
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That would be great to see such a coverage. I wish the abc could have a pre grand final special like they did with Phil Cleary a few years ago showing old finals. Maybe a Thursday or Friday night. What about showing it on ABC2 if ABC could not do it.
IT would be good promotion for the comp if SEN were to Broadcast! But which station would you choose?
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Definitely NOT yibbity yibbida. Besides, 3AW does not mention VFL during the season.
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What about Triple M? Peter H.
[quote="Radio1611"]What about Triple M? Peter H.[/quote]Triple M have never covered the VFL Grand Final
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Speaking of radio broadcasts would some of the radio channels still have their recordings from the old VFA Grand Finals. Was the 1976 VFA Grand Final broadcast on radio ? I would love to listen to what they said about the infamous 1976 Grand Final f it was broadcast. Maybe an inquiry to some of the old stations ?? Did 3DB, 3AW and 3LO (ABC) cover some of the Grand Finals in the 70s ? Or did some other stations do broadcasts ??