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2nd Qualifying Final Geelong vs Coburg Tigers
Can someone explain to me why Geelong and Coburg Tigers have named 30 man squads when there are AFL sides both play Saturday.
The rules for finals are that all non-Stand alone teams can name 30 players, regardless of when their AFL club is playing.
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[b]2nd Qualifying Final Geelong vs. Coburg Tigers Sunday 2nd September TEAC Oval (ABC TV) at 1.10pm[/b] Geelong B Callan Lonergan Bedford HB D. Johnson Spencer Rooke C Davenport Byrne Gamble HF Grima Playfair Gardiner F West Hawkins Hogan R King Prismall Firman Int Foss R. Butler Urie Clarke Barnes Cheep Thompson Lovick Forbes Couch N. Butler Hollmer Coburg Tigers B Simpson Riddle Horne HB Carnell Morgan Casserly C Oakley-Nicholls Krakouer White HF P. Bowden N. Caruso Connors F F. Caruso Hughes Schulz R Ronaldson Neville Shelton Int Mullins Rayson Silvester Corr Hill Dagher Robertson Gazzo Howat Trajkovski Farrelly Foster