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1st Qualifying Final - Sandringham vs. Williamstown
[b]1st Qualifying Final Sandringham vs. Williamstown Saturday 1st September Trevor Barker Beach Oval at 2.00pm[/b] Sandringham B Monaghan Biddlecombe Frawley HB C. Liddell Warnock Paterakis C Hughes Summers Martyn HF Valenti Crowe T. Johnston F Gilchrist Sautner S. Martin R Neaves M. Johnston Poyas Int Neville Dean Buckley Ward C. Johnson McGettigan P. Johnson Jamar Garland Wheatley Gribbin Zarra Williamstown B McKenzie Toovey Cox HB Picken Lonie Iles C Davies Br. Johnson Lockwood HF R. Cook Reid Rose F Dick Dawes Williams R Meyer Licuria Holland Int Beaumont Boyd Crawford Wellingham Brown Stretton Stanley Langlands
What's the news on Dave Gallagher and Chris Lamb down at Sandy?
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I thought Gallagher was out for the season with a knee reco.


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Sandringham 3.5 6.7 9.8 16.15 (111) Williamstown 2.2 4.8 14.9 17.11 (113) GOALS: Sandringham: Sautner 7 Poyas 2 Martyn 2 Valenti 2 Dean Summers Buckley Williamstown: Licuria 3 Williams 3 Lockwood 2 Rose 2 Dawes Davies Iles Beaumont Holland Dick Stanley BEST: Sandringham: Summers Sautner Paterakis Buckley Valenti Biddlecombe Williamstown: Iles Stanley Davies Picken Toovey Licuria


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Gallagher's season is over...Lamb should be available possibly next week... Sautner did miss a couple in the last 1/4....but his marking under pressure todaay was tremendous...the big talking point was the goal that Sandy kicked late in the last 1/4 that was inexplicably called a point... A good comeback from sandy after Willy slammed on 10 in the 3rd 1/4....we thought it was all over at 3/4 time... But next week there will be a few more players available...Ryan Ferguson, Chris Johnson,Michael Newton, Jace Bode,Lynden Dunn and possibly Chris Lamb... If we can run Willy to 2 points with 6 Melbourne players as opposed to Willy's 12 Collingwood playing today then those additions next week will really help...I look forward to the encounter with Nth Ballarat

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

Fine effort by Sandy to get back into the game in the last quarter. Game looked over when Willy goaled early in the last quarter. Should not be too harsh on Sautner. He absolutely dominated the last quarter and if it wasn't for his single-handed efforts the Zebras would not have even had a sniff.
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Hey everyone, I'd just like to say that this was by far the best and most exciting VFL game I have ever had the pleasure of being at. Quite often a co-commentator of mine laments the loss of physicality, passion and excitement in modern-day VFL football, and he always tells me that 1970s VFA was the greatest spectacle you would ever want to see. Well I wasn't around then, so I don't know. But what I do know is that this same guy, being a Sandringham supporter, was at the game on Saturday, and if he wasn't moved in that last quarter, then he must be a robot. I have never felt so much passion and excitement during a game that did not involve one of my team's. The last time I felt anything like this was when Coburg (my team) stormed home in the 2002 Preliminary Final to finish 3 points short of Port Melbourne. Just everything about Sandy v Willy was electric. The ground was probably 80% packed full of people, a crowd like that wouldn't have been at Sandy since the 1970s I don't think. I know I have criticised Joffa and the like in the past, but to see him and other members of the Collingwood cheer squad wearing full Williamstown regalia and making a banner for the players and everything, it just added so much colour and atmosphere to the day. I was up in the Social Club covering the game with Casey Radio, and the noise and atmosphere up there during that last term was nothing short of electric. My hands were shaking, which made taking down stats very difficult, I can tell you. My ears were still ringing hours after the game. Saturday was precisely the reason why I love sport. Back 10 years ago, a sport-hater told me this "what's football? It's a bunch of guys chasing around a piece of leather on a patch of grass". This point cannot be denied, on one level, but on other levels, sport is so so much more than that. Humans are passionate beings who need to let some of that passion and verve out some time, and sport gives that outlet, both for fans and for participants. Sport won't solve world peace, but it will provide an outlet for patriotism the likes of which is almost unseen in other areas. It brings people together and doesn't discriminate in any way, and the adrenalin and atmosphere that a great game of sport or a great physical contest provides cannot be replicated in many other forms of life, in my opinion. Hopefully, some of the people who went on Saturday that don't normally turn up to VFL games will be lured back. Just on Nick Sautner, he did miss a couple of easy goals in that final term, but I can promise anyone who wasn't there that without him, Sandringham wouldn't have gotten anywhere near winning this game. His last quarter was nothing short of sensational. He took pack marks, read the ball beautifully, kicked a few goals and provided the spark Sandringham had been missing earlier. I would love to hear what Phil Cleary thought of the game! Also, we've heard what zebraman's thoughts are, I'd also like to hear George, and the Zebras fans, what did you guys think of this game? I just cannot speak highly enough of the whole day, it was a terrific advertisement for VFL football.
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:D Terrific game and could have gone the other way if the siren was 90 seconds earlier but that's not how it happened. Congrats to Willy and congrats to the young Sandy boys who put in a great game especially Nick Sautner and Peter Summers. It will be a tough game against the Roosters this week but the Zebras will be a little stronger than last week . Hopefully another top VFL game go zebs zebra :)