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VFA Grand Finals- looking back 1976 to 1980
VFA Grand Final- looking back 1976 to 1980 1st Division 1976 Port Melbourne19.18.132 d Dandenong 10.15.75 Infamous Grand Final. Very fiery and tough with the borough prevailing. Will be remembered forever. 1977 Port Melbourne23.19.157 d Sandringham 7.15.57 Port made it back to back winning in the VFA's centenary year by 100 points. 1978 Prahran 21.15.141 d Preston 17.17.119 Sam Kekovich v Harold Martin. Another fiery encounter with the two blues emerging. A young Wayne Johnston goes on to play a few premierships with Carlton. 1979 Coburg 16.15.11 d Geelong West 14.19.103 Fisher of Coburg chases his own kick to kick a goal and seal the burgers first flag for 51 years. 1980 Port Melbourne11.15.81 d Coburg 10.10.70 Port Melbourne comes back from the dead to play all over Coburg and win the flag. 2nd Division 1976 Williamstown 19.13.127 d Mordialloc 9.16.70 Williamstown thrashed hot flag favourite Mordialloc in a tough match. The seagulls were captain coached by former Port player mal allen. 1977 Mordialloc 19.19.133 d Yarraville 14.11.95 Mordialloc upset Yarraville who were coached by former Footscray and Richmond player David Thorpe. Yarraville were wooden spooners the previous year and did well to reach the Grand Final after a massice recruiting drive. Victorious Mordialloc won their only flag in the VFA and wer coached by former Geelong player Geoff Rosenow. 1978 Frankston 15.13.103 d Camberwell 13.11.89 Frankston won their only flag in the VFA with a large crowd at Toorak Park. 1979 Camberwell 18.14.122 d Oakleigh 12.11.83 The cobras break through for their first ever flag and had to wait 51 years to do do. 1980 Brunswick 20.27.147 d Yarraville 14.14.98 Brunswick upset Yarraville who were coached by Denis Pagan.
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I still shudder at he thought of the 1977 Grand Final....what a terrible day for Sandy.... Had to wait 27 years to exact revenge...and was worth the wait!

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

1977 what a beautiful day it was a special day it was know as the VFA and it was an even 100
The 1980 game being down for 3 quaters and getting a home after playing 1 quater of football,but 77 its just as bruce would would say its so SPECIAL?????