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Round 10 - Bendigo v Geelong
Bendigo Bombers 3.4 8.11 10.13 16.21 (117) Geelong 3.1 4.6 8.7 10.9 (69) GOALS: Bendigo Bombers: Hooker 4 Dick 3 Hartigan 2 Skipworth 2 Bellchambers Magin Williams Dyson Weeks Geelong: Hawkins 3 Davenport 2 Hogan 2 Djerrkura 2 Mumford BEST: Bendigo Bombers: Weeks Johns Chartres Flaherty Holmes Hooker Geelong: Bedford Potter Mumford Simpkin Gamble Tenace
I will have a lazy $10 on bendigo for the flag at odds.
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What odds ? Bendigo would be at 50/1 at the moment. Get odds for a Collingwood spoon. Money for jam. Better than bank interest.
[quote="vfa"]What odds ? Bendigo would be at 50/1 at the moment. Get odds for a Collingwood spoon. Money for jam. Better than bank interest.[/quote] Dont call them Bendigo mate . At 50/1 Essendon are a fair bet. I'm tipping that Essendon are the next team to go it alone in the VFL. Either that or align with Coburg which makes more sense.

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Scott Gumbleton out for while again. The kid must be cursed by injury. Bendigo are competitive and are improving but will be no match for Williamstown, North Ballarat and Port Melbourne. The three teanms mentioned have a far better vfl list than Bendigo. Essendon standlaone in 2009 ? Not sure about that one. Collingwood are stand alone and we all know how good they are travelling. Not as easy as Geelong last year. Geelong had a good list of vfl players with a large amount of players who were too good for vfl level and on the border of getting a game with a star studded Geelong afl team. The cats are missing several players who have gone to other clubs or left the club. The quality of the list is very thin compared to last season and will struggle to make the eight. As for next year who knows what the make up will be in this everchanging list of teams. Essendon stand alone, Essendon with Coburg, Casey stand alone, Casey with Melbourne, Coburg with North, Werribee stand alone, North Ballarat stand alone, Richmond called Craigieburn tigers, Coburg/Fitzroy, Melbourne stand alone. Any more combinations possible ? We'll worry about 2009 in 2009. Plenty of footy left in 2008.