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Round 11 - Sandringham v Port Melbourne
Shapes up to be a great game this weekend with the borough coming off sucessive wins and the zebras seem to be struggling just a tad,Great chance for the borough to go a couple of games clear of sandy and set themselves up for the rest of the year.
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:D Sandy will have to be at their best as that wasn't good enough last meet at Port as we went down by 2points. Sandy have produced great form in Tassie and at home against the Bullants in the past month but consistancy is lacking and goals last week hard to find. It should be a good game as it always is between Sandy and Port with little given away and rightly so as a lot of pride and passion will be exposed and a good match is expected. go zebs zebra :wink:
Im just looking forward to the hot dog at half time!
Not interested in the game footyman?????
Will be a classic encounter. Port had one of their great wins against the Zebra's earlier in the year. But it was a total 'flip of the coin' as to who took the points away with them. This particular time Port got lucky. Port are playing much better footy now and should be strong enough to scrape home again with all things being equal. However the home ground advantage, and the lift recieved for getting up whenever these two teams meet tells me this will go either way again. Sandy favourites slightly if anything. I wish I had more confidence but this will be one of the best!
[quote="jasonborough"]Not interested in the game footyman?????[/quote]oh yeah...but my belly comes first always.
[quote="ExtendtheDUKES"]Port got lucky.[/quote] It was more like Sandy capitulated in the final term.
[quote]It was more like Sandy capitulated in the final term.[/quote] Fair point Voice.
Depends what sort of side Sandy can put on the paddock. If some of the more experenced players come back in then I reckon the Zebs can win a close one.
I know Carroll is out suspended but what about Poyas, Sautner, Gallagher, Holland??? Will they play? These players were missing last week and it really showed... Looking forward to seeing the line ups tomorrow morning.
[quote="ExtendtheDUKES"][quote]It was more like Sandy capitulated in the final term.[/quote] Fair point Voice.[/quote] That particular game really became the making of Port's season, that was there statement to the rest of the comp, a hard fought last quarter fight back. And if I can cast your mind back to that game, remember the blue at half-time? The 3XX boys specifically pointed out how my Melbourne/Sandy players shied away from the fight and the Port blokes showed something for the jumper, that turned the contest. Even though I’m a Sandy supporter, it was fantastic to see some passion that really inspired, not just the players, but the fans as well. Since the Sandy game Port have gone 6-2 or 6-1 in the last 7, it’s a great credit to everyone involved. It must also be said their home ground advantage is proving tough for opponents to overcome, the fans are an intimidating crowd to play in front of, and so far no opposition team, not the 2nd placed North Ballarat or 3rd placed Casey, could overcome.