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Anyone want to try and pick the four on the bench for Port ? Pearce Robbins Dalton Sutcliffe Martin Mullins Schultz Dillon Martin should be amongst the four, but the other three spots will be tough to decide on who gets in. I think Mullins might go out, and Robbins might be playing Reserves football first game back.


I can tell you this, if Sautner plays Dalton would be one of the blokes on the bench, Is he in? For sure?
Port by 25. Valenti to not play. Hopefully. Go Borough.
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:D Valenti to play more hopefully. go zebs zebra :wink:
[quote]and Robbins might be playing Reserves football first game back.[/quote] Personal thought.. If Robbins is fit he plays... I know he has had a quiet year by his own lofty standards but that is because his role has changed alot. He is no longer our number one onballer and goes into the middle for a chop more than anything for others. When he plays the wings or flanks he is still one of the first picked in my opinion. Robbins has a lot of credits in the bank and can come straight back into the 1's even from a lengthy injury.
Martin, Sutcliffe, Robbins, Pearce for mine. Would like to see Mullins in though...He may only get 2-3 kicks but they could all be goals.
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[quote="Rosty"]Port by 25. Valenti to not play. Hopefully. Go Borough.[/quote] Looks like Valenti will be playing for Sandy on Sunday... Excellent news...hope he doesn't get a last minute call up to Melbourne

Sandy. The most successful club in the past 30 years

The Port Juggernaut rolls on,,, Sandringham 2.2 3.3 6.6 11.9 (75) Port Melbourne 5.2 11.10 15.13 21.16 (142) GOALS: Sandringham: Sautner 4 Morton 2 Poyas Buckley Crowe Lamb Yze Port Melbourne: Nahas 6 Dwyer 3 Bonaddio 2 Pinwill 2 Sutcliffe 2 Brewer Dillon Thomas Pitt Baird Smith BEST: Sandringham: Biddlecombe Summers Liddell Buckley Crowe Poyas Port Melbourne: Nahas Cotchett Pleming Sutcliffe McMahon Livingston REPORTED PLAYERS: Sandringham: Nil Port Melbourne: Nil I thought the game was pretty much over at 1/4 time. Simply Port wanted the win more, with Sandringham's only goal in the second coming after the 1/2 time siren. Nahas has a blinder. I'mm looking forward to the round 17 clash of Port V Willamstown at North Port Oval. Go Borough! Comeng
Hats off to the Mighty Borough. What a massive win! Keep a lid on it, Port boys, don't get carried away.
Looks to me the MFC players are not putting in considering they think they are up to AFL standard.