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After watching yesterdays terrific game of football at Port melbourne I was up early today and couldnt wait to grab a copy of The Age and Herald Sun to read about it. I was expecting to read some terrific articles about what a great contest the game was and how fantastic the finals series will be this season. Maybe headlines that read " CLASH OF THE TITANS" or "OLD RIVALS GO DOWN TO THE WIRE"... But I had to read an article in the Age that was about how the Bulldogs are depleated with injuries. Seriously fuck off, who gives a crap about the Bulldogs. This information can be found on the Bulldogs website or you could attend the match and actually see what happens. Journalists take note: Either write about the game or do not label your article VFL, label it AFL UPDATE or some other name.
There will be a real review in The Big V Edition 3, to be released on Friday morning. Don't worry about the Age and the Sun anymore, they've lost it with the VFL.
Not worth the $3.80 I spent.
You cant just blame the media and the kids they employ to cover the VFL who have been brought up on a diet of AFL media saturation. Im sorry to say that while there are peole at the who VFL take it up the arse from the AFL the media suckholes will follow suit. If you display no passion for you organisation as the VFL staff do then you gets what you deserves! Where are the Phil Cleary types at the VFL??? The AFL has a Chairman and CEO who were both former AFL/VFL players and have that passion for the game at heart but when you have nobodies or ex AFL players with very littte knowledge of the former VFA and its clubs great history in charge things at the VFL with their focus elsewhere and just working for a wage this is the outcome.
[quote="burraburger"]Not worth the $3.80 I spent.[/quote] Dont waste you money Mate I havent bought either paper for years - its on the net for free.
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I was expecting a big write on the VFL this Sunday and a picture of the Willy v Port game - but instead.... All there was in the Sunday Herald-Sun - a thin article near the back of the sports section - very very disappointing :( Pete.
Hey guy's let's all just relax and enjoy the rest of the year. VFL footy is alive and well and the interest in this years footy has been fantastic. In terms of the VFL radio coverage. I think both Casey Radio and Doublex do a fantastic job in bringing the VFL to the wider community. Having alliances with both stations, they are both very different but both, have their own style and way of doing things and its g8. The different personalities with in both of those stations are terriffic. At Casey we have our mornnig footy show with JIm Hines and Kain Pollard. It is a fantastic show. At Casey we have Chris Weaver, Tristin Fenoander, Kain Pollard, Cameron Scott, and Nigel Carmody. These people, all do a g8 job in calling the games. Throw in support from myself Ben Taylor, Phile Pearce, Simon Pietch and Phill Cleary. Al in in all we have a g8 team I Ben Taylor am enjoying my role as boundry rider / special comments. I am learnig aot about broadcasting in general and developing my skills as a broadcaster and i cant thank both Casey Radio and Double X enough for the opportunites they give me each weekend. The work i do with Double x is also fantastic. To call with guys like Lachie Dix, Zac Harvey and Matty Spider Lee they give a solid broadcast week in week out. Thow in support from Dan Hill, Phill Shaw, Peter Rosenthal, Peter Holden and support from myself Ben Taylor and Mark Stone. The VFL is very luckey to have these people in our game and as a broadcaster i hope we make a difference to all the VFL followers out there All of us enjoy bringing the VFL to you. I'd much rather we all get on because both stations , have some terrific up and coming talents who make listeninig to the VFL and following the game very enjoyable Reagards Benny Taylor
As I said before you gets what you deserve in life. The Melbourne sports media (mostly AFL puppets) have made up their minds the VFL is just the AFL reserves and until the VFL try to put a stop to this perception it will only get worse. BTW whos going to pay $25 to watch the seconds GF??
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Just got back from Broome today. Glad I didn't read the crap in the Sunday papers. I think I would have given the Chris Mitchell another spray. Will get to watch a replay of the Port v Williamstown clash in the next few days.
How pathetic was the Herald Sun today! Two columns about Hamish McIntosh...what a disgrace.
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And how about the Age on Saturday? Even at finals time, not one word on the VFL I'm about to contact AFL Victoria to suggest that it's time to bite the bullet and take out adverts promoting the weekends games. Given the finals attendances so far, I have grave concerns for the Grand Final.