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[quote="paul"]Sharkie writes some good stuff. I suspect that Leigh didnt even watch the game on Saturday, Coughlan kicked 2 goals early but did nothing else. The Limbach Rance matchup was hardly enthralling, and the rest of the article was quotes or statistics - many of which were wrong anyway! I susp[ect the problem is with the H/S sports editors dictating how stories will be written.[/quote]The problem with some of these guys too is that I see some of them also write about local footy in the Leader as well. Leigh can't possibly write a VFL match report and a WRFL match report on games happening at the same time.
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The country editions of the Herald Sun and the Age of Saturday 27th September did not mention the VFL Grand Final. I had copies of the relevant VFL articles from the Melbourne editions of both of these papers sent to me. From the Herald Sun item it seemed that Port Melbourne were defeated by North Melbourne. 7 AFL listed players does not change North Ballarat into North Melbourne. Mr Mitchell even contradicted himself as to which team was better in the second quarter.
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[quote="burraburger"]Coghlan was not even named in the best. McIntosh would not have even got double figures in possesions and was beaten soundly in the ruck. Here are a few other things that may have also been of interest. * Caruso kicking 4 goals * Brawl that ended in reports * Raso, Conroy, Magner, Corp named in best. * Dean Limbach kicking 4 goals * Frankson's big upset *Jono Mullins snags 4 goals *Captain Cotchett kicks 3 goals after month on sideline. *John Baird 37 possesions *Chisholm best on ground for Werribee *****I could go on all day but you get my point[/quote] spot on
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Chris Mitchell wins goose of the year award hands down.
On Topic but here in Adelaide . I watched a small amount of the SANFL grandfinal.And they showed a small highlights package of the seconds GF with my Eagles in it(had to miss going due to family issues).What annoyed me was poor young tom couch all we heard was in the small segment was about his dads Brownlow medal .Pretty sure the same was said on 7news . Poor kids growing up with famous football dads.