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[quote="ExtendtheDUKES"][quote:b81cf7a9b4="burraburger"]Ill be very interested to see what North melbourne players will be lining up this week. Playing McIntosh last week was a waste of time and cost a Werribee player a finals game. I do recall a few years ago when Daniel Harris qualified to play finals for Port but did not play. He was not injured. Im sure there must be a few nervous people at Werribee wondering what Kangaroos will put there hand up to play this weekend. Loved that shot of Dean Laidley that was shown on ABC...Thats about as friendly and involved as he was when Port melbourne had an alignment with them. Actually he used to leave at half time!![/quote] I remember Dean Laidly calling H mcIntosh over at 1/4 time in a game and directing how to play and move around the field... Directly overiding what Sadi had told the team to do. For the first time in my life I am going to say that I think sadi was harshly treated at this time. Laidly has zero respect for their aligned clubs![/quote] Why would you want to listen to Laidley? His Roos always choke in the finals anyways.
[quote="Burger4Eva"]After watching Port today I doubt anyone will get close to them...2008 Flag is all there's.[/quote] mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
well looking back now i wish we had lost to werribee who was no match for the burra. Would of been great meeting the roosters at Teac oval i think the outcome would of been very different