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Telstra Dome - How will you be watching the Grand Final?
Just thought I'd ask the question... I could only get four options, post if you're not going to the game!
Luxury for me for a great game of footy :lol:
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I voted 'Sitting down somewhere'. I'd love to stand, but you are just too far back for it to be a good option imo. If you do stand, its like watching the game from a pillbox, your view of the scoreboard, and footy's kicked above about 15m are bugger all. If the crowds poor, I'll stand in a seated area :)


Won"t be going, as I live overseas. Last GF i went to was 2005 Sandy Werribee (which i thought was a terrific game), just before being posted o/s.
I will go and watch what hopefully will be a good showpiece for the VFL.
I be going, put me in the sinking piss group. IWILL not drink light beer from plastic cups. Try and bring my own in but would be a big effort,even if get it in they watch the crowd on cctv. But im always up for a challenge.
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Ozybeer- be at the Locker Room Bar at T/Dome via the Great Western Hotel. Session starts at 5pm
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jb! Not a good excuse!


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[quote="Dale61"]I'll be sitting in my own 'corporate box', in front of a 106cm plasma, with 7.1 surround sound. I'll also have a copy on DVD within 10 minutes of the game finishing.[/quote] 10 minutes after is ok.. I'll have one 2 minutes after
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Unless someone else does it for you!
Whats the rush fellas? "Im going to do mine in 2 minutes"..."I'll do mine in 10 minutes". Who cares! Go to the game and SUPPORT the competition. Or SUPPORT your club if they're there.