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Billy Morrison shouldnt have been playing, he was useless. It didnt surprise me at all that he didnt last long at Port.
Any updates? The VFL site hasn't updated their site.
Williamstown won. James Beaumont BOG medal.
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[quote="Dale61"]Williamstown by 31 points. Are you sure it was Beaumont BOG? Someone else mentioned it was Jarrad Boumann.[/quote] It was Beaumont that got the BOG.
Bulldogs and Seadogs knocked out......Seagulls 2s got up for te flag
Congratulations to Williamstown but well done also to Box Hill who put up a fantastic performance. After a tight 1st half, Willy set up the win with 5 goals in the opening 10 minutes of the 3rd quarter. Box Hill's best patch was either side of 3/4 time when it kicked 4 unanswered goals to narrow the deficit from 42 to 15 points. When the Mustangs drew within 2-1/2 goals at the 10 minute mark of the last quarter with the wind at their back, victory looked possible. However, the 6 day break meant they couldn't raise one last effort and Willy (fresher after the week off) steadied with a couple of their tall forwards taking telling marks and kicking crucial goals. Willy had 5 or 6 Bulldogs players while Box Hill only had 1 AFL listed player (Sandliands) which also was a big factor in the final result. The improvement in Box Hill listed players such as Smithwick, Cross, Nye and Neil who played a bit of senior footy in 2008 was obvious and these guys should be solid players for the Club for a few years to come. Also very impressed with the BH Reserves Coach Dale Bower who really coached the team well during the finals. Great effort Box Hill - something to build on for 2009.
Are we any chance of seeing some highlights of this one on the site over summer NorthPort?
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[quote="footyman"]Are we any chance of seeing some highlights of this one on the site over summer NorthPort?[/quote] Yep! Just waiting on the footage to arrive and I'll break it up into the 4 quarters and upload them.


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I should have this game up for viewing from Wednesday onwards.


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First quarter is up. 2nd Quarter to be added late tonight.