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I notice a couple more terrific old photos of Yarraville games. The 1979 game v Williamstown, looks like Mark Fotheringham for Yarraville in the goal square, and i think no. 24 for Williamstown might be Geoff Bebend. Looks a decent crowd. Going into the game both teams were 6 wins and 3 losses. Willy were 6th and Yarraville 5th. Williamstown 5.5: 11.9; 16.17; 27.22:184 Yarraville 4.4; 8.9; 9.11; 9.11:65 Goals: Willy: John 6, L.Taylor 5, McVeigh 5, Tweedley 4 Y'ville: M Fotheringham 3, Wellington 2, MaGee 2, Best: Willy: M Taylor, A Philpott, Kerr, Kennedy, Gannon, Enright, Sheehan, L Taylor Y'ville: Sharp, P. Fotheringham, Colbert. Crowd: 4,500 Gate $1,600 L Taylor for Williamstown is Laurie Taylor who suffered a knee injury in 1984 but made a comeback and played in the 1988 1st div grand final against Coburg.
I remember that game quite well.. I was left at 3 quarter time
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In the best for Yarraville was former Port player Bobby Colbert. Bobby played in the 1976 VFA Grand Final. Pat Wellington kicked 2 goals for the Yarraville Eagles. Tony McVeigh father of current Essendon player Mark booted 5 goals for the seagulls. More than a decent crowd for a 2nd division game.