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No Tasmania
With Tasmania electing not to stay in the VFL comp next year - will it mean a BYE is scheduled each week or will some-one else join the league? Worst still - will some-one else be dropped to ensure even numbers?
I think they'll have a BYE next year. Gold Coast are scheduled to play in the VFL in season 2010. And West Sydney are scheduled to play in the VFL in season 2011.
A bye would be a real shame. This year's H & A competition worked extremely smoothly, and really benefitted from the expansion to 20 games per team. If Peter Schwab's fighting words at the Liston hold any water, then a last ditch chance is being made to Big Brother to keep an extra million south for the Devils, despite the obituaries having been written. I remain very, very sceptical of it occuring though.
I think that is a great idea. With all the money the AFL have, surely saving $1 million (from the many that will be lost down the drain going to west sydney) to keep footy afloat in Tassie is a good idea. With the AFL funding the team; the constant flak the Southerner Tassies give the Northerner Tassie and of course the same back again, will not get into the way of the sport actually growing in the apple isle. I think a medium to long term goal of a Tassie AFL team is a must. What better way, to help this goal stay alive, then by helping to sustain the current VFL team.
AFL Tas still hasn't officially killed off the Devils yet. I would not be surprised (and hoping) for the Grand Poobah Demetriou to come into shed a tear and say he cares about Tasmanian football and throw some money at us to keep the Devils and to shut us up over all AFL bid. I expect this to happen once the AFL finals are done and dusted when the AFL agreed to hear our bid.
Why bring them back. They are not up to vfl standard,put them to bed.
[quote="ozybeer"]Why bring them back. They are not up to vfl standard,put them to bed.[/quote] Give them a break Ozy. The more the merrier.

We might be from the bush. but we ain't green

Well hopefully AFL Victoria get some money out of AFL Tasmania for them exiting the competition early! Im sure they signed a 5 year deal.
It hasn't taken those fultures from the SANFL and WAFL long to start circling the Tasmanian carcass. Players being flown all over the Country. Good luck to them i suppose. If you have the talent to play major state footy why would you stay in the new Tassie league ?
[quote="Robbo"]Its official. The Devils are dead,22884,24389014-13222,00.html[/quote] Tassie footy is in a terrible state and this wont do anything to improve it and some people there still have stupid dreams of having a full blown AFL side LOL Just shows that the best players dont want to play in a State League comp that has failed in the past.How come none of thses players wanted to continue to play in the VFL with other clubs?. Melbourne is a lot closer to Tassie than Adelaide or Perth.